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Primal UnChair: You're Built to Sit on the Floor

Do you like sitting cross-legged, too?

Do find it hard to not fidget?

Have you ever felt trapped in your office chair?

It's time to break free! From the very beginning, humans have been sitters. But over time, we've forgotten how to sit! Sitting shouldn't feel imprisoning, and it certainly shouldn't mess up your back.

Sitting naturally, in primal postures, is a great way to stretch and maintain muscle activity while working. Many primal postures are actually famous yogasanas - think Sukhasana, Malasana, and Vajrasana!

A revolutionary new product grounded in our evolutionary origin, the UnChair provides a blank canvas for you to:

  • Sit the way you want to sit

  • Get in a yoga flow while you work

  • Collaborate

  • Take your work from the floor, to sitting at your desk, to standing up

...and so much more! Try it for yourself today!

Primal UnChair: Sit The Way You Want to Sit!
It’s the perfect mobility/sitting platform for any activity where I can’t sit on the floor. I use it at my desk for work (thankfully I work from home so I actually don’t have to sit for that long) and I also use it at our dining table. The elevated flat surface plus stool makes it easy to move around/change positions and actually enjoy sitting through a meal or computer session. I’m petite and have always had to improvise so that I could tolerate sitting for more than 15 minutes without my legs going to sleep or hips complaining. The Unchair solves all of my sitting in a regular chair issues. Plus it was a breeze to put together and it is easy to move around. "
Frances, WA

Alexa Young, CA

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