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(Click here for our quick, 3-step assembly instructions!)

There are countless ways to sit on and use the UnChair, but here are just a few possibilities.

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The UnChair is a breeze to assemble and disassemble, and it’s also quite fun!

The best part is you won’t need any tools at all - just your hands.


To assemble your UnChair:

  1. Fit the legs together Lincoln-Log style, aligning the black triangles on each leg.

  2. Place the seat top on the legs, aligning the black circle on the seat top with the black circle on one of the legs.

  3. From the underside, insert a wing screw up into one of the washered holes in the legs and thread the wing screw into the seat top. You may need to wiggle things around just a bit to align the holes. The wing screw doesn't need to be cranked, just good and snug (make sure not to cross-thread). Do this with all 4 wing screws at all 4 washered holes, and go back around and re-tighten any loose ones.


That’s it!

To disassemble your UnChair:

Simply loosen and remove the wing screws and break it all back down!

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