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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put together/take apart the UnChair?

How big is the UnChair? The UnChair actually takes up less space than your typical rolling office chair yet is twice as spacious for floor-sitting postures! The Seat measures 22.25" x 22.25" x 15.25", and each yoga block measures 9" x 6" x 4".

How much does the UnChair weigh? The UnChair weighs in at just around 20 pounds. The exact weight may vary by a pound or two due to variance in lumber density.

What's the UnChair made of? The UnChair is proudly handcrafted in Texas from raw, kiln-dried whitewood lumber and upholstered with high-density EVA foam, creating a wonderful balance of plushness and firmness for floor sitting. The legs are reinforced with steel braces for added sturdiness and stability, and every UnChair is given its own unique, wood-burned Primal logos.

How much weight does the UnChair support? The UnChair has easily supported 400 pounds in our nondestructive testing.

What size should I order? We designed the UnChair to maximize comfort in floor sitting postures at your typical desk or table. With the countless possibilities created with the two yoga blocks, you can sit at a height of 15”, 23", or anywhere in between with your own cushion, just as you could on the floor. While the UnChair’s default size is designed to fit most users and desks/tables comfortably, if you have specific size preferences for your UnChair, we’re happy to work with you! Just reach out to us through our Contact form or add a note to your order in your Cart.

How do I clean the UnChair? The UnChair's upholstered Seat top is waterproof and can be wiped clean with a wet wipe or damp cloth. The frame is raw, untreated wood, so it's best to avoid getting it wet.

Why is there no backrest? The UnChair is designed to promote active sitting. Most chairs nowadays have backrests, but studies show that that’s part of the problem with conventional sitting. We've found it too easy to become dependent on conventional backrests (and armrests, for that matter) to hold up our torsos and to start slouching, “veg out,” and forget that we have bodies that move and breathe. This results in reduced muscle engagement while sitting, which can lead to muscle weakness and chronic pains over time. The UnChair is perfect for practicing awareness of breathing, posture, and alignment (like meditation!).

Why are there no wheels? Contrary to what most office chairs would have you believe, you don’t actually need a chair that moves - you need a chair that lets you move! The UnChair is designed to promote active sitting and muscle engagement to make sitting a healthier activity. While most office chairs move you around and cradle you so you don’t move a muscle, the UnChair stays where you want it so you can move around it. The UnChair is light, though, weighing just 20 pounds, and has felt pads on its feet to protect your floors and enable easy movement while also limiting distracting or unintentional movement. If, however, you’d like different feet on your UnChair, we’re happy to work with you! Just reach out to us through our Contact form or add a note to your order in your Cart.

Why wouldn’t I just sit on the actual floor? Go for it! (The UnChair also makes a great floor desk or tea table!) Floor sitting, with its time-tested benefits and versatility, is the very inspiration behind the UnChair. The UnChair, though, is designed to bring additional comfort and modularity to the floor sitting experience and bring it up to typical desk/table height for the situations in which an elevated workspace is needed or desired.

Why can’t I just slap a mat on my coffee table and sit on that instead? While we wouldn’t recommend it, given that most coffee tables aren’t built to be sat on in terms of stability, strength, and comfort, we dig unconventional sitting! Unlike a coffee table, though, the UnChair’s sturdy construction, foolproof design, smooth edges, and upholstered cushion make it purpose-built for any kind of sitting you can imagine.

What's your return policy? At Primal, your satisfaction is our top priority! We've got you covered with a worry-free UnChair experience. Our return policy provides you 30 days to decide whether the UnChair is your perfect match. We totally get that adjusting to a new way of sitting takes time, so we want to give you the time you need to make sure it's just right for your body. Just give us a shout via our Contact form if your UnChair isn't hitting the spot, and share your thoughts with us – your feedback helps us make things even better for the next customer! Keep the original box and packing materials handy - they'll help ensure your UnChair makes it back to us in great shape. Returns without the original box won't qualify for free returns. Please note that we're not able to cover the return shipping costs, and the initial shipping cost is non-refundable. Quick heads up: we can't provide refunds on returns that are postmarked more than 30 calendar days after the delivery date. Once we receive your UnChair and confirm it's in good shape, we'll process your refund within 7 business days. If there are any bumps or bruises from the return journey, a 20-50% restocking fee may apply, depending on the extent of damage. We know waiting for a refund can be a bit nerve-wracking, but we're on it! The timeline depends on your card issuer, and for our international friends, there may be a currency exchange or transaction fee from them, not us. We're here to make sure your experience with the UnChair is a delightful one!

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